Monday, May 5, 2014

Cultural Survival

This post is on the cultural survival of the Nauruan people. This one saddens me because not many cultural things from the nauruan culture still exist today. They really took up western ways of life and ideologies. The most cultural day for them is Angam day which is celebrated on October 26. It is to celebrate on how the nauruan people came back from near extinction at the end of the two world wars and the 1920's flu epidemic. Where the population fell under less than 800 people, once the population grew back up to 1,500 that day would be considered Angam day.

Other cultural things they have are some music, dance, and culinary. Many of the songs they sing the people barely know what they mean, even the elders who heard it day in and day out when they were young still don't know what some of the words mean. nauruan hula dance here's a little video on a hula dance that they do. nauruan dancers

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