Monday, May 5, 2014


Took me a while to find someone to interview but finally found a person of Nauruan descent to talk about his people and the island they came from. Name is Justin Joram. Born in the United States but his parents come from the island, he himself has visited the small little island before and knows about his culture and their backgrounds. I found him on actually on twitter just looking up hashtag Nauruan, and i told him what my project was and he agreed to answer some questions. Basically just asked him five different questions.
Me: Nice to finally talk to an actual person with Nauruan descent!
Justin: thanks, what did you wanted to know about Nauru?
Me: What's the life like there, their lifestyle now?
Justin: From what i say, it was very laid back atmosphere like you see all the time on shows on Hawaii and stuff. They really have no worries, very friendly people, everyone said hello.
Me: Do you know the history of your people?
Justin: The basic knowledge your parents tell you as a child, like we came from here, this is what we did on the island, what sports we played. The way the people worked on the boats for fish, or the people working inland in the phosphate mines.
Me: Sports, the universal language. What sport is popular there
Justin: Australian rules football. Basically what we call rugby here in the US, but it's no holds bar. Anything goes basically. Really fun to play with your friends.
Me: Popular foods?
Justin: Anything with fish basically, fry it, eat it raw, cook it. If it comes from the ocean and not poisonous, they'll eat it. Chinese food is really popular also.
Me: Final question, how do people make a living there now?
Justin: Hotel business/tourist mostly now. Some still make a living by fishing, but a lot of people lost their jobs since the mines closed down not too long ago.
Me: Well thanks Justin, this really helps me out.
Justin: No problem, glad i can help.  

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