Monday, May 5, 2014

Triple Post Day (part 1)

Hey folks this week i am going to talk about three different topics concerning the birds of the Nauruan people top 3 choices to me, their relationships with neighbors, and their migrations and diasporas through out time! I decided to make this a triple post since there is few details on all these subjects throughout the internet, so instead of wasting your time i decided a jumbo post was necessary for this!

First the birds of the Nauruan people. Since the land was mined to hell, majority of the jungle inland has been destroyed, including all the wildlife that lived with in it, Very few animals still live on the island itself. But birds still live on this island, right near the water, in the "little" jungle they have left and what explorers brought with them. The first bird we see, is the common pigeon you and i see everyday here in america, brought just a wee bit different. Photo from wikipedia page on the Ducula Oceanica or the Micronesian  Imperial Pigeon.

Second bird that i find interesting is the only heron found on the island and that is known as the Pacific Reef Heron or by its scientific name the Egretta Sacra. Medium sized bird that comes in different colors white or charcoal gray and live their lives on the beaches and rocks of the Nauruan coast. They eat fish, mollusks, and crustaceans found on rocks. This bird can also be found in India, China, and majority of the Micronesian islands.
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The last bird that i am going to talk about is the Brown Booby, weird interesting looking bird to me. It's scientific name is Sula leucogaster. Females are on average 5 inches bigger and weigh a bit more than the males. Bellies are white and the rest is a dark brown. Have elaborate greeting, eat small fish and squid and are quite funny to watch while trying to take off for flight or landing, nicknamed the clumsy bird, but they are strong flyers, just not graceful on land. Found all other the tropic from our section of Oceania to North America in Mexico, and in the Caribbean also. Very interesting bird it is....can i have it as a pet!?!

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