Monday, May 5, 2014

Triple post (part 3)

This post is about Nauruan Migration and Diasporas! The Nauruans migrated to the island about 3,000 years ago by Micro and Polynesian fishing people that came here by boat. No one really knows how and why they stayed on the island. Some say that they were shipwrecked there and had no choice but to make due and live their lives on this island and create a new culture. Other story is that the island had everything they needed to live and thrive and just decided to stay and start anew.

Nauruans, being such a small culture, not many leave the island they were born on and/or explore the world. But many have left the island due to problems to surrounding islands and a chunk even live in Australia now, and not too many live in the United States now and majority in Hawaii or California. This was the hardest one to find to be honest, such little information on their origins, migrations, and diaspora. Took me forever to find this little info that i have. Hope i did it justice.

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